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Selling an income-property at a top-of-the-market price requires more than just posting a pretty marketing brochure with pro forma income/expense data and waiting for the phone to ring.

Our Selling Process
Seller's Agent / Listing Agent

Why You Need a Seller's Agent?

The reality is, in most cases, months of pre-sale preparation is really required/recommended before the “property offering memorandum” is ever distributed to prospective buyers or brokers.


评估收益型房产的主要指标是净营业收入资本化. In other words, (all else being equal), the higher the supported Net Operating Income, the more an income-property is worth.

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Our Selling Process

Our experience has shown over many years that very few owners (even highly experienced private owner-investors) truly understand the impact that even a “few thousand dollars” of supported Net Operating Income can have on income-property valuation at selling time.

Let's take the below example and apply the step-by-step methodology and process Realty Yield encourages all sellers to go through before "launching" a property for sale.

Typical 30-Unit Apartment Building

This includes both the financial and physical components.

  • 目前平均租金为每单位1100美元,相当于每年租金收入396,000美元.
  • Current other income (late fees - $1,800, laundry - $3,200, parking - $0, storage - $0, tenant utilities reimbursement - $0, all other - $0) equals $5,000 annually.
  • Current operating expenses (taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance, professional management, all other) equals $170,000 annually.

因此,当前的净营业收入= $231,000 ($396,000 + $5,000 (-)$170,000)

Assuming a market capitalization rate of 5.50%, this equates to a current value of ~$4,200,000

Step 1

Pre-Sale Assessment of Property

Agent's Role
  • Analyze Rent-roll, Financials & Physical Issues
  • Quantify Value of Implementing Recommendations
Seller's Role
  • Provide Realty Yield Operating Financials
  • Work with Realty Yield To Complete Physical Inspection

This includes both the financial and physical components.

财务因素包括:当前租金与潜在市场租金/全租金, current other income versus potential, the current operating expense load versus optimal and any “easy/near-term” added-value opportunities (example would be implementing a Utility-Bill-Back program) that could be applied before sale.

物理组件将包括所有“低成本”的美学项目(油漆, landscaping, minor repairs, signage, lighting (exterior), litter & 碎片(外部)和所有/大多数次要单位缺陷(磨损的地板覆盖物, failing appliances, paint, etc.).

通常情况下(除非所有者是全职的专业投资者和活跃的资产经理), there is a list of both “financial” and “physical” items that a prudent owner should address PRIOR to advertising on the open market.  此外,许多这些项目通常需要几个月的时间来纠正/执行.


Example Continued
Typical 30-Unit Apartment Building

Continuing with our 30-unit example case study above, Realty Yield’s assessment and analysis has determined:

  • Rents can easily be bumped to average $1,150 per unit, which equates to $414,000 in annual rent income (+$18,000 over current).
  • 额外车位收费可以产生新的“其他收入”(10个车位×每月25美元= 3美元),000 annually) and implementing a utility bill-back program to have tenants contribute to raising utility costs = $14,400 annually).  Total increase estimated @ $12,400 annually.
  • Operating expenses can be reduced in the following areas:
    -公用(垃圾)插座从3个减少到2个.  Savings = -$3,000 annually
    - Repairs & 使用第三方分包商而不是物业管理公司的人员进行维修.  Savings = -$6,000 annually
  • Minor physical exterior deficiencies appear to negatively impact the number of drive-by inquires and application of quality new tenants.  此外,现有租户的看法是,业主没有充分维护财产. 因此,Realty Yield推荐清新的景观,动力清洗 & restriping parking lot.

上述的财务后果,对卖方所有者,不能夸大.  根据上述措施,预计销售价格的上涨情况如下:

  • Projected rental income: $414,000
  • Projected “other income”: $17,400
  • Projected operating expenses (reduced): <$161,000>
  • Projected NET OPERATING INCOME: $270,400 (up from $231,000)

Assuming the same market capitalization rate of 5.50%, this equates to a new/projected value of ~$4,900,000 (~$700,000 value increase!).  Most owners would make the choice of waiting a few months before selling if this eye-opening analysis was simply communicated by a seller's adviser/listing broker.

Step 2

Pre-Sale Strategy & Action Plan

Agent's Role
  • Draft, Direct & Manage Pre-Sale Action Plan & Timeline
Seller's Role
  • Provide Input & Approve Pre-Sale Plan & Timeline

The reality is that initiating a rent increase, implementing a utility bill-back program, collecting parking space income, transitioning to third party R&M vendors and fixing a list of needed repairs is going to take some period of time before the improved financial results are reflected on an operating statement.

Realty Yield will work with you to draft a written plan and timeline as well as participate in the execution and management of this process.  We do it all the time.

Realty Yield is not one of those brokers that will hurry you to market just to close a sale and make a commission.  In fact, in many cases we strongly recommend just the opposite.  Ask our clients directly -- they will confirm this is true.

Step 3

Pricing & Offering Memorandum

Agent's Role
  • Determine Current/New Property Value & Suggest Price
  • Prepare Offering Memorandum
Seller's Role
  • Approve Listing Price and Offering Memorandum

为了给房产合理定价,我们将编制一份同类可比销售清单, perform our own valuation analysis, review recent appraisals of similar properties, 回顾当前的待售竞争,并考虑任何增值/上升的机会, which the subject property would afford a buyer.

Pricing should be done right from the get-go.  We don’t "buy" listings; in other words we won’t tell you your property is worth more than it really is just to get a listing, 然后要求你降低价格,因为"市场变了".

你会从一开始就得到一个网赌正规真人实体在线平台你的财产价值的诚实的意见.  We encourage sellers to think like buyers. 如果你自己都不买自己的房子,为什么别人会买呢?  同样,如果你想与我们合作,需要市场上最顶尖但现实的初始定价.

网赌正规真人实体在线平台收益公司将准备发售备忘录(营销套装). Our marketing materials are the culmination of many years of experience in knowing what gets results for our sellers and what doesn’t.  But again, don’t take our word for it.  According to the analytics from LoopNet (the #1 commercial-investment real estate listing site on the Internet), 我们的列表一直在最受访问(点击)的前5%. The numbers don’t lie.

Our marketing packages are very focused on clearly differentiating your property (why a buyer should invest in it), supported by objective, compelling financial/investment return metrics. Yes, 我们也适当地以具有代表性的高质量照片为特征, rent comparables, sales comparables, market/sub-market and demographic information, maps, etc.

所有的卖家在保留经纪人的营销材料之前,都应该要求看一看样品.  We look forward to sharing ours with you.

Step 4

Marketing & Advertising

Agent's Role
  • Expose Property Through All Available Channels
Seller's Role
  • 通知物业收益物业运营中的任何重大变化,如果适用

There is no downside to maximizing exposure.  显然,该产品吸引的合格的潜在买家越多,效果就越好.  We utilize all the following channels:

  • Commercial property listing websites (LoopNet, Showcase/Co-Star, CIMLS, Commercial Source, VerticalEmail, RMLS, Apartments For Sale, more…)
  • The broker community
  • Outreach to principal owners of other investment real estate
  • Current Realty Yield clients
  • 中高净值个人将资金从其他资产类别中重新配置
Step 5

Putting a Deal Together

Agent's Role
  • Assess / Qualify Buyers
  • Negotiate Price & PSA Terms
  • Manage Process Through Closing
Seller's Role
  • Approve Buyer, Price and Contract Terms
  • Support Realty Yield During Buyer’s Due Diligence Period

Not all buyers/investors are created equal.  Circumstances, motivation, buyer experience, 而销售经纪人的专业知识也是“选择”合适买家的因素.  我们的经验将在这里带来巨大的回报,几乎消除了错误的开始.

Negotiating/maintaining a final agreed upon sale price, 在奠定了适当的基础后,哪一个接近发行价的价格更容易实现.  Since we support our listings and pricing with objective, verifiable data, 大的价格优惠不是我们的客户/卖家必须要面对的.

Having said that, negotiations are part of every deal. All brokers/sales people say they are expert negotiators, 我们可以用20多年来的真实结果来证明这一点, ask our clients!

我们已经促成了价值近5亿美元的网赌正规真人实体在线平台交易. There is no substitute for experience.

One other key added-value component we bring to our listing agent services is that we also broker commercial/apartment mortgages (the financing most buyers need/want).  Deals fail for financing reasons more than anything else.  This won’t happen with us.  We know without a doubt what loans are available, 哪些金额可以借款,哪些买家将能够获得融资.  In many cases we end up doing the financing for the buyer, it turns out to be a win-win for everybody.

The bottom line is that our experience results in very few sale-fails once a property is put into contract.

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Why Choose Us?

At Realty Yield, we want your investments to succeed. All investors need a plan, whether your goal is capital (equity) growth, maximum cash flow, realizing optimum tax benefits or any combination thereof.

The experts at Realty Yield will guide you through the complex and ever-changing world of real-estate investment with confidence. At Realty Yield, 我们知道,持久的财富来自于做出正确的决定, at the right times. 知道在这些时刻该做什么是让Realty Yield与众不同的东西.

通过与我们合作,无论您有什么需要,无论您是否期待,您都将受益 buy real estate property, sell real estate property, complete a 1031 exchange, secure a commercial loan, consult on investment real estate / portfolio performance improvement strategies, or executing a tax favorable exit strategy at retirement.

你不仅仅是一个客户,我们也不仅仅是一家经纪公司. That’s why at Realty Yield, we make a personal commitment to you. We will create your own, unique, expertly crafted, Personal Real-Estate Investment Strategy. We give you the best results because we have the knowledge and experience to create your best plan of action. 我们将指导你通过那些重要的决定,做什么,如何做,什么时候做.

We know we are only as successful as our clients. 正是通过提供无与伦比的服务,我们保持我们的客户终身. Working side-by-side, year-in and year-out, we will proactively manage, assess, 在投资生命周期的各个阶段制定投资策略.

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迈克·卡尔森有分析和计划利用市场条件的战略的能力, incorporates the best financing options and most importantly, maximizes the return on your equity. Mike is the real deal, honest, trustworthy and highly capable. 我很乐意将他推荐给任何需要帮助的人.
Gary M
2003 ~ Current
For anyone with real estate investments, 迈克·卡尔森的服务是实现最高结果的必要条件. Mike Carlson is very astute and knowledgeable in not only all aspects of real estate investment and wealth management but also in a wide scope business matters in general.
Lynn L
2005 ~ Current
迈克·卡尔森和他的公司非常棒——非常专业,经验丰富,和他们一起工作很舒服. Mike’s analysis and technical abilities is top drawer! 他知道如何评估投资组合和网赌正规真人实体在线平台,以确定最佳的投资策略. 迈克·卡尔森的经纪和谈判技巧非常娴熟和有效. Make no mistake about it; there is a distinct advantage in utilizing an experienced financing liaison. Carlson not only found good properties but also good financing. He made the entire deal work!
John B
2003 ~ Current
Mike has been what I was looking for in a commercial realtor. He has the unique ability to apply financial numbers to a project and not let the emotions of a property cloud the analysis. 和Mike一起工作总是网赌正规真人实体在线平台良好的沟通,他做得很好. When you do finally find a property worth pursuing he is not pressuring you to make the offer and get the commission. It’s more about the long-term relationship. He reassured me that if he does a good job on this deal I will probably be back for more and sure enough I am in the hunt again.
Clinton L
2008 ~ Current
We were so pleased with Mike’s handling of the sale, purchase and financing of our real estate that we referenced Mike as a contact for our children and our attorney if we should die and the children were to be left with the apartments. We knew that Mike would be honorable and not take advantage of them in settling our real estate holdings.
L Family LLC
2004 ~ Current
I worked with Madison prior to her role at Realty Yield. 她所做的每一件事都体现了她的干劲和激情. She truly is invested in her job and clients best interests. I would highly encourage anyone in need of guidance and expertise in investment real estate to consider Madison and the Realty Yield team.
Austin W
I was impressed with Cory’s ability to communicate and execute the sale of our duplex in pre-foreclosure with a very tight timeframe. He was respectful, 专业,真的让交易对我的家人来说是一个愉快的经历.
February 2019
Cory Carlson was instrumental in the acquisition of our fourplex. His analysis skills, professionalism and productive communication while searching for our investment provided my wife and I confidence through the entire process. His connection with local lenders and understanding of the principles of finance prove Cory really is your one-stop investment broker and advisor.
Jason & Katie I
January 2019