应用程序 & 过程


Lenders care mainly about the following during the loan application process; the historical and current performance of the subject property; your personal financial strength as a borrower; and your experience as an investor or operator of income-producing assets (whether as a business owner, 房东, 或物业经理).



After communicating your loan needs to the experts at Realty Yield, we will request that you provide some preliminary information that will allow us to begin "shopping" for the best loan for your particular needs. 这些项目包括:

+ Description and details about your (subject) property
+ 个人财务报表 for each borrower
+ Schedule of Real Estate Owned (SREO) for each borrower
+ Prior two-2 years and year-to-date Operating Statements

From here, you will receive one or more loan quote offers from the lenders in our network. 在从那些初步报价中选择之后, the process of making formal loan application will begin. The chosen lender will pre-underwrite your loan to evaluate the risks related to your credit, 能力, 还有你的抵押品的状况. 一旦初步承销完成, the lender will provide you with a Term Sheet – also known as a Letter-of-Intent (LOI), 列出对贷款的全部期望. 从那里, 贷款人将要求评估, any other required third-party reports and move your file through the formal underwriting process. The Credit Department will then generate a FINAL Commitment Letter and close the transaction through escrow.


在申请过程的早期阶段, you should expect prospective lenders to ask for resumes or bios demonstrating your track record with past commercial mortgages, 投资网赌正规真人实体在线平台, 或小型企业. 在承保过程中, your chosen lender will need more formal documentation (see 文档 section below) to fully underwrite your loan. 贷方将进行信用检查, and possibly (depending on the lender) require a background check. 贷方可能也想要审查你的商业计划, 参考文献, 财务报表, 或者你目前的净资产证明.


Every lender operates on its own schedule and some are faster than others. Having the experts at Realty Yield connect you to the right lenders will streamline the process to help move things as quickly as possible. The timeline varies depending on your mortgage needs: For short-term bridge or private financing, 我们可以帮助借款人看到快速关闭, 通常在30天内. For first-lien mortgages up to $10M, timelines between 45 and 75 days should be expected.


The documentation you will need to provide for the underwriting of your apartment/commercial mortgage varies depending on the type of loan and the amount of capital you want to borrow. In general, the more documentation provided, the better the rate/terms.



  • 实体名称(组织结构图,如适用)
  • 个人财务报表
  • Schedule of Real Estate Owned for each borrower/guarantor (SREO)
  • Resume/Bio for each borrower/guarantor, if applicable
  • 用于核实存款的银行对账单
  • 过去2-3年的纳税申报单


  • Current rent-roll (including all months up to closing)
  • Operating statements for prior two-2 tax years and current year-to-date
  • 所有租约副本
  • Delinquency report and any outstanding accounts receivable
  • 过去十二个月的水电费复印件
  • 维护历史相关文档
  • List of capital improvements made over the last 5 years
  • Copy of all operating and service contracts with vendors
  • 入住证明(如有)
  • Proof of building code compliance including operating licenses and permits
  • 每个贷款机构要求的标题报告
  • Description of subject property including representative photos
  • Personal property list that goes with the subject property
  • Insurance company and policy information including claims history
  • 物业管理公司名称(如适用)
  • 物业检查报告(如需要)
  • 评估(由贷款人指定)
  • 第一阶段环境(如贷款人要求)
  • 额外的(如果有的话):勘测和场地平面图, 地板上的计划, 工程报告, 环境审计, 地下储罐的存在, 政府机构通告, 未决诉讼, 等.


迈克·卡尔森 has the ability to analyze and plan a strategy which takes advantage of market conditions, incorporates the best financing options and most importantly, 使你的权益回报最大化.
2003 ~现在
Make no mistake about it; there is a distinct advantage in utilizing an experienced financing liaison. Carlson not only found good properties but also good financing. 他让整个交易成功了!
2003 ~现在
We have owned several mid-sized 投资网赌正规真人实体在线平台 for many years. I thought we had the financing and refinancing process figured out. 但我后来了解到情况并非如此. 迈克·卡尔森不仅仅是一个抵押贷款经纪人. 他是一个全方位服务的融资正规网投真人实体靠谱平台. 他的贡献被证明是无价的. 迈克·卡尔森向我们展示了这个比率, terms and loan amount of a commercial loan can be effectively "negotiated". 任何人都能很好地利用他的服务.When it comes to 知识 of investment property financing 迈克·卡尔森 is at the top of my list.
2004 ~现在
I found that Mike’s skills as a financing liaison benefited me financially. 他的报价是我看过的最低的. His 知识 and contacts within the banking system worked to our advantage. 我们对迈克处理这笔交易的方式非常满意, purchase and financing of our real estate that we referenced Mike as a contact for our children and our attorney if we should die and the children were to be left with the apartments. We knew that Mike would be honorable and not take advantage of them in settling our real estate holdings.
2004 ~退休
Big thanks to Cory Carlson for helping us sell our single-family home while also purchasing a triplex. As new real estate investors, we were determined to find a great deal that met our criteria. Cory joined us in the hunt and brought to the table some off-market deals, 大量深入的投资分析, 以及一些有创意的融资想法. 科里是个老练的经纪人, 沟通者, and real estate investment advisor I would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about building wealth through real estate.